Visiting the last Tulip fields of the season

Mid of May is the end of the tulips seasons. Even so, we decided to give it a try and check the tulip fields in Hillegom (20 mins away from Amsterdam, by train).

The last red tulips standing and the bright sun made our day and we returned home happy (forgetting for a second about the amount of pesticides used to grow those stunning, colorful tulips)–The-Dutch-tulip-fields-spectacular-tourist-attraction.html

Cheese Market in Alkmaar


cheese weightscale

In 1365, the city owned one pair of cheese scales only,
but this increased to four in 1612. The kaasdragersgilde
(cheese carrier’s guild) is first mentioned in the archives

in 1619. 1593, however, is considered the first year
of the cheese market, which has always taken place
on the Waagplein. This square has been extended several times;
in the course of two centuries, it was enlarged no fewer
than eight times before it reached its
current dimensions, which proves the importance of
cheese trade for the city.

In the 17th century, cheese was traded on Fridays and Saturdays
from May until All Saint’s Day, and in the 18th century on four days a week.